Share-Draft (Checking) Accounts


We now offer 3 different types of personal share-draft (checking) accounts.

Premium Checking – FREE with no minimum balance requirements. To qualify for Premium Checking, simply have the following each month:

  • Home Banking account
  • E-statements
  • Bill Payer with at least three bill payments per month OR at least four Visa® debit card transactions per month

Basic Checking – Low $8.95 per month fee with no minimum balance requirements
If you don’t meet the Premium Checking Account requirements during a monthly cycle, your account will automatically convert to a Basic Checking Account. Don’t worry – just meet the Premium requirements the next month and your account will go back to free.

Student Checking – Free with no minimum balance requirements for student members (ages 18-25). Simply meet these requirements:

  • Home Banking account
  • E-statements
  • At least three Visa debit card transactions per month

Checking for non-profit entities—FREE

Business Checking – Low $12 monthly fee if the average daily balance is under $7,500 in a calendar month

Visa Flex Debit Cards

The Visa Flex debit Card electronically makes payments for you, drawing money directly out of your account (saving or checking), directly to the store. When you carry Visa Flex Debit Card there is no need to fish out your checkbook and ID. Swipe the card, sign the purchase receipt and you’re on your way in record time, whether you are on the other side of town or the globe.

Visa Flex Debit also doubles as an ATM card to make routine ATM transactions such as cash withdrawals, account inquiries, balance transfers and more; you can even make deposits at the ATMs that accept them.

No more surcharge fees for using ATMs!!! All Credit Union members now have access to surcharge-free ATMs where you need them, when you need them through CO-OP Network. CO-OP Network ATMs are available in 25,000 convenient locations across U.S and Canada including 5,500 7-Eleven stores. To find a location near you, go to

Most importantly, Visa Flex Debit Card is safe and secure. If your card is ever lost or stolen, you’re fully protected from liability through the Zero Liability Policy, even when shopping online.

Take control today with our Debit Card Controls app

Control, security, and peace of mind - that's what you get when you use the UPFCU Debit Card Controls app. You determine how, when, and where your card is used. Set spending limits, manage alerts, create and edit travel plans, receive real-time notifications, and know that you can turn a card off (or back on) any time you need to. The app is a great complement to our UPFCU Mobile Banking app, and can help you monitor and control how your debit card is used.

Haven’t enrolled yet? It’s easy!

  1. If you haven’t yet, download the UPFCU mobile app and login to your account
  2. Tap on Debit Cards Controls option in the drop-down menu
  3. You will be prompted to download the UPFCU Debit Card Controls app
  4. Register your UPFCU debit card
  5. That’s it! Your card is now in your control!
  • Turn Cards Off/On

    Instantly protect your debit card if it's been lost, misplaced, or stolen by turning it off with a tap. If you find it later, turn it back on just as quickly.

  • Manage Usage Controls

    Set controls that restrict international or ATM transactions, or limit transactions by geographic region or by merchant type.

  • Set Spending Limits

    Establish your own limits and track them in real time. Our app will let you know as soon as a transaction exceeds your limits.

  • Receive Purchase Alerts

    Real-time notifications let you know when your card is used or when a transaction is declined.

  • Create Travel Plans

    Notify Banner of travel dates and locations so you can use your debit card across state lines or internationally.

  • My Location

    Prevent fraudulent purchases by restricting use of your card to just those locations in your phone's current geographic area.